SC2 pro EMI classification

Dear SC2-support team,

I´m interested in getting a SC2 pro, but I do have some concerns regarding EMI-issues during operation of the mentioned product due to several problems of comparable items in the past. Can you answer the following questions?:

  1. What do you know about the EMI according to EN 60034-1 (interference emission, interference immunity)? For example, are people with cardiac pacemakers at risk when using the product?

  2. What is the classification of personal protection according to EN 60034-5? Is an overall evaluation of the product necessary under operating conditions?

  3. How do you assesse the EMI-conformity in terms of the directive 2014/30 / EU?

  4. Does the product have any certifications acc. to official technical standards regarding this topic?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Best regards

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+1 I’m also looking for an answer to this please.

My dad has a pacemaker and I would like to know if he can use my rig.

I already contacted support but no reply yet.


In fact, I just replied to the support email :slight_smile: I might as well also write it here:

Electrical motors that include rotating permanent magnets do have a magnetic field. We do not have any expert knowledge of pacemakers.

However, we did some tests on the strength of the magnetic field. I do not have access to the measurements, but here are some observations as I recall them:

The magnetic field on the center of an attached wheel is stronger from possible magnetic paddle shifter’s magnets (tested: Sim Racing Coach Cup button plate’s original magnets and Ascher Racing’s BM16M-SC) than from the magnets that are inside the motor.

If you place modern headphones from your head to your neck, then the magnetic field strength on your skin that is caused by the permanent magnet in the headphone speaker, is about as strong as in the center of the wheel with magnetic paddle shifters.

However, we do not have any more detailed instructions to give you, other than to consult your doctor about the issues and risks associated with these types of magnetic fields.