SC2 Pro drops w Iracing at higher FFB settings in VR

I have been using my SC2 w o any issues for a year with my triple monitors, Nvidia 2080 TX, I9 processor and 32G ram. (purpose built PC for iracing). It did not matter how much FFB I used, it never disconnected.

I recently added HP Reverb G2 VR headset. Now wen I hit a curb hard or crash the SC2 disconnects ( I hear the beeps, my steering input stops responding) after a few minutes I hear the beeps and the SC2 restarts.

Anyone have any ideas? The only solution is to turn the FFB down below where I want it which is a bummer.

Is this a unit with one or two PSUs? Are both PSUs still connected properly - i.e. is there a led illuminated on both of the units?

2 psu both have blue Indicator lights lit