SC2 pro double beep , bump stop fail maybe

i set up my sc2 pro few days ago and love it.
what i noticed is that when im calibrating in iracing (only play this) turning the wheel is quite “heavy” and closer to the bump stop it’s really hard so it happends alot that when i calibrate the degree of rotation it’s heavy and suddenly super light and it goes through the bumpstop.
Sometimes when turning out of sim or in calibrating the wheel makes some sort of double beep.
Not sure if this is the clipping(in calibrating or out of sim) sound because i have no idea what the sounds it should make for what issue.

Torque clipping audible notification is also active and bumpstop will output enough torque which causes that to indicate clipping.

It is recommended to always calibrate with e-stop pressed in, that way one can avoid safety issues - many games start to output sudden torque effects already when the user is assigning axis.

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thank you! Will try that out ! @Mika is it safe to use the emergency button frequintly? like if you know you are going to crash hard you push it in so the wheel doesn’t go crazy :smiley: