SC2 Pro disconnecting when hitting walls in iRacing


I’ve just got my SC2 Pro with Ascher F28-SC wheel to play iRacing.

Everything is fine until I hit a wall and the wheelbase seems to turn itself off, I lose all FFB and then when I reset to the pits the FFB comes back. I also have to go into TrueDrive and re-enable the high torque mode.

Can anyone help?

Also, I should not that I’m using Beano’s settings.

Had the same problem. It seems just one power supply is working. Unplug both power supplies from the wheel and replug them. Make sure both blue indicators of the power supplies are working.


Thanks @Thomas_Berger , one of my supplies wasn’t quite connected properly now I can hit the walls fine :wink:

This has given rise to another problem though - when testing it by hitting a wall the wheel reaction was so violent I’m thinking had I still be holding it it would have broken some bones.

Is there any way to reduce the wheel force in a crash only as the game otherwise feels good?


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Unplug one PSU :wink:

EDIT: what I do is to clip those forces= less TD overall force more ingame FFb


Haha @Alfye20 the thought did cross my mind.

Sorted it out with a bit of reading on here, clipped the forces but managed to keep the wheel force the same, beginning to understand FFB. Slowly.



I just started training myself to pull my hands off at the ‘point of no return’ … its already scared off a few on lookers :slight_smile:

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iRacing is crazy with this wall stuff, you can really break your bones with this, you have to really be cautious. When I asked on forums why they didn’t set something like…100% of other sims, I mean reduce the wall hitting issue, some people replied that it was “realistic”…can’t think of a more stupid kind of reply, can’t wait for the sim to actually kill them if they’re caught in a very violent crash, after all it is all about realism, isn’t it?


I don’t get you people. What is the reason you bought DD wheel for your SIM?? If you want the toy just buy your self G27 or G29 and be done with it. And if it feels too violent hitting walls then turn down wheels strength. iRacing has done great work replicating simulated forces with in-game physics and yes hitting walls is much more violent than just driving and hitting kerbs. That’s how it is in reality and should be replicated in sim. iRacing is SIM not a game like NFS. I think it is great that with DD wheels this good it is capable to produce these violent forces when crashing. It adds some factor of fear and that is what keeps you in line. And even if you crash or hit the wall there is option to let go the wheel and hit the emergency stop button because that’s what it is for. So stop crying about it. If you are scared from the wolf don’t go in the forest. Plain and simple!!!

Sorry for the rambling.
Have fun racing…

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Now I’ve been using my SC2 Pro for a while I love it, it really is fantastic.

I’ve had some close calls with the wheel in accidents and usually go for the hands off approach but sometimes when a wreck comes out of nowhere it can be a bit dodgy. I escaped with a slightly sore little finger the other day when I was taken by surprise and just manged to release the wheel and as it spun it clipped the tip of my finger.

Very good post and I fully agree with you.

I have been testing the best and worst of DD wheels over the last 5 years, hitting walls at full strength in iRacing, often with 38NM servo motors…and not only am I still alive, the worst that has happened to me was a bit of skin off my knuckles… :slight_smile:

Some people, jeesh, one would swear the SC2 will attack them and hit them over the head…

Of course, like you say, there always is the option to let go of the wheel…iRacing after all is a simulator, crashes will be very violent…yes, like in real life.


Yesterday my left hand was crushed by my formula rim like a hammer, its hars some times but gloves are a MUST with DD wheels.
Other time it crushed my chin, I was managing some cables below the servo with the car running slowly in a straight, my fault in both cases.

Buuut then you make the jump to Assetto Corsa, drive some laps around Tokio Loop and the hits against the walls are a shame

Sounds like you should be wearing a helmet and not just gloves.


Tbh I’m pretty sure that GD would love to offer an option to retain high FFB but lower it in crash situations, it’s just not possible yet …

I don’t blame new DD users for enquiring about this, but after a while you get to know how to deal with the wheel in crashes and how and when it can spaz out.

But at the end of the day we’re playing a computer game that’s attempting to simulate realistic driving. It’s not iRacing or GD’s intention to simulate high force crashes and cause real life injuries, those peaks are just a byproduct of the software being developed in 2008 when users had 1/10th of the torque on offer from commercial wheels.

I’m sorry but you get it terribly wrong, the purpose of a simulation is not to simulate EVERYTHING but only what MATTERS. Having bone broken by hitting a wall in reality is to be replicated in simulation, really ? You didn’t answer my comment : what about fatal car crashes ? You need the simulation to kill you “because it is a simulation and it should simulate perfectly the reality” ?

If youy want to brake your hand or your arms, just don’t use any option limitting those forces but let other ppl use it if they think it is a better idea.

I don’t get neither this need to impose others your point of view and blame them for thinking another way, you may be wrong, as surprising as you may find it.

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Exactly the same answer I made to the one you are replying : you are wrong, very wrong. And if you want to hurt yourself for a stupid “reality above all” mind, this is your problem and you can’t force others to follow you on this.

It is a driving simulation, not a crash simulation, what I need is iRacing to simulate a car I drive, not to simulate a car I crash or when will it kill me because I crashed ? What is the limit beyond which you don’t praise the “reality above all” ?

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The thing is, for a simulator to differentiate between normal driving and crashing is probably not that easy. I doubt the devs had the intention for crashes to be this violent with such wheels and if it was an easy solution, it would probably be already implemented. Also simulation developers seem to be small teams and quality of life improvements are kinda low on their priority list. Too low for my linking when it comes to iRacing…

The API actually provides this information, at least it exposes when you are off track (ok, some tracks have wall boundaries so there, it might be much harder).

There could as well be a FFB threshold, hitting a wall is a very violent FFB reaction, could be lessen pretty easily I thinkk.

not easy to differentiate them with normal FFB spikes without lag.

The solution is to set maximum FFB level via the driver (True Drive) and then overall FFB level in-game. The crash forces are unrealistic in iRacing anyway, so there is no point in forcing yourself to use dangerous settings.


The right place for solution should be on the sim side.
AC, at least on Kunos tracks, does not behave so violently, but it used to be pretty rough before they made some changes.
Ideal solition is to have user controlled slider for impact strength, although I am not sure why anyone would fancy twisted wrists and broken fingers, but we all like to “enjoy” different things in life. :smile:

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But I luv the violence :slight_smile:

@SiPo: I am wearing gloves and my 6-point when in race in iRacing, does that count? No helmet though, although the PiMax can double as one, haha