SC2 Pro disconnecting (resetting profile)

My base during the game (in any game - AC, ACC, Dirt 2.0) suddenly turns off, resetting the current profile to the previously selected one (it happens in 1 second), the wheel and base is not responding anymore, only after I re-open the correct profile in Truedrive or even re-launch the game. I’m not the newbie in SC products. I have 3 units and I had never had such a problem before.
P.s. Truedrive version is the latest. The base firmware is also up to date. Tried different steering wheels as well.

Looks like it restarts itself. Do you hear the beep tones that are associated with the device start when this happens to?

If so, the power of supply is the culprit. Contact our support for further instructions.

Yes, correct. I hear this sound.