SC2 pro clicking noise

Hi all, I’ve been having a problem for a while now where it seems as though the wheelbase is making a clicking noise under load. I can feel it kind of build up pressure before it clicks and gives,. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s very distracting when trying to corner. I’ve tried multiple different wheels to see if it was the wheel side QR or the wheel itself that was the issue, but this seems to happen regardless of what wheel I use. The problem is worse the higher the FFB

Here’s a video of the problem, with the clipping beep noise for volume reference

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like the hands off detection to me. Try setting this to medium or low in True Drive.

The beeping is not the issue, the clicking is. It’s already on medium

I opened up the wheel side QR and a couple of the bolts felt too tight and one felt quite loose. After bringing them to what felt more right, all of the noise has gone. It seems that the other wheel I was testing also had the same issue. I guess I just need to open up the QR occasionally and make sure everything is still tight!

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