Sc2 Pro - broken bearing?

After just two months of life I have this problem. Suddenly I felt some weird knocks in the spikes of the force feedback on kerbs or rebounds. I thought it was a software problem but then I found that the center column moves. I checked the 4 bolts under the QR and they are all fully tight. Could it be a broken bearing?

Link video:

Please make a support ticket to our system. It might very well be a bearing issue.

Thanks for your reply Mika.
My reseller DGS create this morning a ticket on your support system. We are waiting for the answer.

Mika the unit have only two months, I hope a replacement instead of a repair… you think Is possible?
Can you tell me more or less how long will take to solve the problem (I’m located in Italy close to Rome )?

Hello Mika, I have almost same issue, but I buy used one base (cca 2 years old) is possible to solve it some way? Thank you Vojta

Please write a support ticket at .

The bearing is not a user serviceable part. In fact, it is not serviceable at all, as the magnetic forces holding the rotor inside the stator is very very strong, and especially reassembling the motor is dangerous.

Thank you for info:)

Would you be able to disclose an approximate cost of servicing the rotating assembly of the motor by granite devices? I have a suspicious noise coming from the back of my unit, unfortunately it’s out of warranty, I know the FAQ states it’s built to last a lifetime but mine doesn’t sound like it will.

Write a support ticket. I do not have this information.