Sc2 pro - Audi Rs3 - iracing

Hi all,

Has anyone tried the audi rs3 in iracing ? This is the 1 car in am struggling with to get a good FFB setting for.

If anyone has a good baseline setting that would me much appreciated.

Try these… Let me know if anything near you like…


Note that there is a known issue with this car´s FFB in lower speeds, iracing has confirmed.

David Tucker

The problem is in the handling of the v7 tires at low speeds (below 25 mph), Dave is looking into a fix.

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Thanks for the response, I thought it felt weird!! I will give the above ago.

Do you have high torque mode enabled on this setting ?

Offcouse it’s enabled then driving)) didn’t turn it on to show settings.

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The low speed FFB issue will only be noticed when leaving the pits or after having crashed, in normal driving you never hit a speed that low.

Aside from that the car feels different because of it being FWD and torque steer coming through the wheel. I’ve not found it necessary to change anything from my GTE Truedrive profile.

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Thanks for the response. I am aware it’s a FWD, and think the issue was that when I was changing my settings, it didn’t seem to change them. It was only when I turned it all off, and restarted that the changes had an effect.

Agreed. The FFB is weird coming out of the pits but after that I felt no need to adjust my profile.

I was driving the FWD Kia optima the other day at Sebring and the FFB and handling feels far more natural than the current RS3. The RS3 sefinitely feels a little odd even on warm tires.

I am gonna give it another go, but all other cars on iracing feel amazing. I was even able to carry 20 laps out on the Cadillac GTs without spinning, that’s a 1st for me in that car, and has always been a test on all my FFB bases.

Thanks for sharing. With these settings it is a fantastic car.

Hi Paolo!

Glad you like it. Maybe try also these settings?

What’s that i’m using now and like it more :slight_smile: what you think which one better?

Also what max force u use in iRacing?


I have some time tomorrow and I’ll try the comparison. Then I’ll tell you!

I just tried this on Monza and it felt nice, 65Nm max force.

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Hi Pavel, Are you able to please share your iRacing settings for this please :slight_smile:

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Last night I tried the two settings at Suzuka on iRacing I always set 65Nm. Both profiles are great but I prefer the first one, I find it more brutal in driving but holding 30 minutes at full speed I find it tiring, in this the second profile helps.

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I’m at 35 in iRacing