SC2 Pro American plugs

I am currently in EU and recently bought a SC2 Pro from Sim Racing Bay and it came with EU cables, all good, since I travel to USA quite a bit though I was wondering where could I get power supply cables for American sockets ? I assume that the power supply units already convert voltage so I would only need the cables correct?

Thanks guys.

Yes, you would only need the correct cables. The cables are nothing special, just standard IEC power cables that you would find anywhere.

You could probably also use the EU cables with a travel adapter. But do you really bring your SC2 Pro with you when you travel? :laughing:

People are known to ship their sports cars over for holiday, etc… :slight_smile:

lol. I ask because I recently bricked a Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel that I bought in USA and brought here assuming that it had some kind of internal voltage converter. It started smelling weird and it was gone…

I usually spend 5-6 months in USA every year for work, so I’d like to take the SC2 with me for some relaxing :stuck_out_tongue:

Just checked and power supplies read 100-240VAC, so technically I can use a travel adapter or buy the cables, if anyone knows of a good online store to buy reliable cables, feel free to chime in…

Thanks guys.

5-6 months without sim racing is a long time, I’d do the same myself. Since it’s just a standard power cord, you might look on Amazon.

@Mika wow…

wow indeed :slight_smile: Here is one example of such on Youtube:

Must be nice being rich :smile:
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