SC2 Premium E-stop 40 series profile mount

Hi there,

I made a little 3d printable mount for the premium e-stop.
Because the cable was interfering with my seat.


M4 threads are printed.
Two holes for M8 bolts, but one is more than enough.


Nice! Thanks! Now I gotta find one of the e-stops for sale somewhere…

In case anyone has the HRSims Xero-Play QR, and wants a way to store extra wheels that aren’t in use on profile, I created a 3D printable mount for that purpose… You can find that here:

Would love to see more things like these posted here.

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Has anyone designed mounts for the dual power supplies that come with the SC2 Pro?

I would gladly see some solutions for the Sport single psu too

Is it the same unit as the two on the pro?

yep, the very same but just one

Ok, when I get time I’ll see if I can make something. This weekend is crazy, may be next week sometime.

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So I designed a mount that can be printed and used as “caps” on the two ends of the power supply. Problem is the only design I could come up with (the way I wanted it done, requires support. I could create a version where the connection points are at the sides vs. in the middle. Let me print this design first and see if it fits properly, if it does I can try to make an alternate version that doesn’t require the support.

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The version above it test printing, I revised the design in the meantime to include two mount points 40mm apart for 80/20 40 Series. The supplies are heavy and going on my motion rig so 4 M8 screws per power supply will likely be better.


someone has a diagram of the E-stop like in the picture ?
very much appreciated :wink:

Did you release an STL for this? I was going to design one, but this looks like it would work great for my needs. Also looking for an STL for the Pro estop to mount to 80/20 if anybody has one.

Yup. Here you go…

Thank you so much!! Will get to printing right away :slight_smile:

I have a dual extruder printer and printed the support with dissolvable material. May be a little challenging otherwise, but I am curious to see how it works for you. Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed.