Sc2 power house problem

lately it often happens that as soon as I connect the plug of the multi-socket to the current where I have connected the two power supply units of the sc2, the current is triggered throughout the house.
I have never had problems like this … has anyone else experienced similar problems? can it depend on the power supplies?

you need an inrush current limiter or the FI fuse has to be replaced

the FI fuse of which you speak where it is? where should it be replaced? So is this a problem with my sc2? excuse my ignorance but I’m not an expert, and thanks for the help

Try plugin PSUs one by one, wait between

forgive me Alfye but I don’t understand what you mean

I think what he means is connect first one PSU to the wall socket and turn power on to that, then plug the second one in a few moments later.

However, if the issue is that your home’s Consumer Box trips a circuit breaker when you power on the wheel, then it may be useful to put some sort of surge protection device between the PSUs and the wall socket to prevent a spike tripping the house circuit breaker.

Thank you all for the answers! I have just ordered the current limiter and I hope it will solve my problems. But one thing I didn’t understand … does the problem come from my home electrical system or does my sc2 have any problems?

The problem is your house’s electrical system.

No issue with the SC2.

Another user with exact same issue that was solved with inrush current limiter. Seems like two PSU stress up electrical system too much.
Perhaps GD can provide some guidelines in manual for users facing the same problem.

Today was the first time I tried turning on the wheelbase and had similar problem:
circuit breaker tripping (it’s unfortunately only 10A) when I switch on my power strip with both power supplies plugged in. The wheelbase wasn’t even switched on. Then I switched off power strip and retried with same result.
I was aware this problem may occur with older electrical installations. So since then I switch on power strip with only one power supply and the plug in second one.
But what would be best long term solution assuming I don’t want to replace my whole electrical installation anytime soon?
I see most inrush current limiters are 16A. I think I would need to find one with 10A if that’s the limit of my circuit breaker.
I can’t replace it with 16A because I believe my house main circuit breaker limits to only 16A already.

Does anyone know whether it’s OK to connect a basic power strip (one without surge protection or filters) to the output of the Unitec inrush current limiter? It has one Schuko output and I need two for the PSUs.

I had circuit breakers changed for more modern 16A ones. They are rated to accept up to 5 x16A for short power spikes (like very high inrush current) before tripping.
I thought it solved the issues as now I could turn on my power strip with two PSUs connected. Previously even with one PSU connected it could trip my 10A circuit breaker (one in few tries ).
With the new 16A circut breaker and 2 PSUs it worked for like 5 times , but yesterday it tripped the circuit breaker.
I won’t be installing 20A circuit breakers as I suspect something else is wrong as the current one is rated up to 80A spikes (or whatever short inrush current increase is called)

There are power strips with switches for each outlet. They allow to stagger turning them on. I use such, but not because I had an issue.

Hmm I never saw one. It would be better, than physically unplugging and plugging second PSU each time. It’s also better than buying inrush current limiter(s). But anyway it’s ridiculous that two 280W can trip 16A which is rated to sustain up to 80A spikes.

Plenty on amazon, eg

How do you turn them one by one?
PSUs first and then wheelbase or wheelbase first?

I turn on the power supplies first then SC2.

I have a TrippLite similar to that.

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Now I see there are many such power strips. Maybe I’ll get simple one without any surge protection or built in filters or circuit breakers (as with the ones I currently use).

I can switch on my power strip with one PSU plugged in and then plugin second one to avoid tripping circuit breaker. I usually have PC and SC2 switched off when I power on PSUs. I had SC2 on couple times and the breaker didn’t trip back then.