SC2 peep at some corner in Iracing

Hi, sometimes if i hit a curve in Iracing not correct i got two peeps from the SC2. Wheel are also different (more heave or spongy for a scecond). This happens in Iracing. At the moment i drive in Monza and at the first chicane i have this. In the iracing the static for FFB are very high. i remove the mark for the noise in TD Software for Torque clipping notification.

Anyone else with this little issue?



hi, to me, with a certain type of settings on the TD, when I went to the wall I heard 2 beeps and the simucube “turned off” for 3 seconds. it only happened to me in this case, then I didn’t use those settings anymore and it didn’t happen anymore

If TorqueClippingNotification is OFF, then the beeps comes from HandsOffDetection, try OFF too

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i have my hands on the wheel. so normally handsoffdetection is wrong.

which settings you mean?

Is not wrong, is a safety feature that beeps and Torque off Power when wheels is spinning too fast “freely”. Is not so well implemented in a steering wheels because its a common situation when racing

also that the wheel becomes heavier and spongy? the situation is not critical. i hit only hart the curbs in the chickane. no wall or else.

i will try

IIRC when HandsOffDetection is triggered, the wheel base makes some beeps and activates LowTorqueMode for a moment, so 4.4nm and overdampened

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thanks for input. will try today

So the solution was not the Hands off to deactivate. Had to recreate Profile. After this it looks like it is away.