Sc2 no power problem

hello, when I tried to run simucube 2 pro today, it didn’t work on the device in any way. I checked the emergency stop button and tried it in different outlet. i want help on this

i plugged usb its okey :smiley:


Thats why you should RTFM

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What is RTFM ??

RTFM is acronym for
Read The Fine Manual

It was used much more in early days of computers when everything was pretty much difficult to use.

I think the comment from @designamk1 was not really appropriate as the issue was already solved.

I’ve written a lot of posts on this forum.

I did not underestimate people who have problems under any of the topics I write.

At the end of a tired working day, I wanted to reassemble my system and occupy my mind for a few hours, and after installing the cables, I wanted to check the PC for control purposes without turning it on, and I missed it.

Whatever the result, we are human, there will always be things that go unnoticed. There is no need for arrogance.

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Inappropriate? Are you joking or something? How is telling someone to RTFM a problem when a future problem could be answered by reading the manual? People are so incredibly sensitive nowadays, everyone is so easily offended

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It’s not an offensive comment as it seems some have taken it

This Wikipedia link seems to think its from internet culture but this term has been used for decades in the mechanical industry. I used and heard of the term RTFM before we even had the internet

But anyway, its not an offensive comment or meant to be offensive. It only seems to be offensive on the internet. Never have I ever heard or seen someone take offensive to this comment besides on the internet,forum%2C%20software%20documentation%20or%20FAQ.

Even the “F” would stay for a different word… immho to go on with it was more unnecessary. We can all get along