SC2 measurement from mount to back of rim

Hello, I will be ordering a SC2 but I am trying to figure out ahead of time if I need more than what comes with it, i.e. an extension.

 I want to compare with what I have now but I cannot find any information on the length of the assembled mounting pieces.    I.e. from the front of the servo, where it mounts to the rig to the end of the assembly that includes the wheel side part of the SQR, the 30mm spacer and the 70mm adaptor.

Currently the back of my rim to the front of the servo mount is ~115mm and would like to know if this is similar?



I did that similar modeling to get a new mounting point location for the bracket for the motor.

I have following parts: Simucube 2 Pro, the SQR, the 30mm spacer, and the 70mm adapter plate.

The adapter plate front surface (towards the driver) is almost exactly 120mm from the fount mounting face of the motor unit.

Thank you Mika, sounds perfect and will fit in with what I have nicely. I doubt I will have to change to account for 5mm difference!

Hi, are these std parts that come with the pro to get this distance ?
I’m also waiting for the pro and currently building my rig.


Yes, they are standard parts.

Perfect, thank you very much.