SC2 Attachments

Yesterday i printed an attachment for my SRH Dashboard too fit on my SC2 Sport,it fits perfect what do you think?


Looks great, I like it! Looks reasonably simple as well. Great work.


Thank you,
And Yes it was without printing time counted maybe 1 hour work for adding some Carbon too it and drilled the holes for the mounting plate by hand,thats all.

what’s that button plate? diy or you bought it? looks great

no mate :smile: I know the dash is from srh, I mean the plate mounted to the steering wheel…is that too from srh?

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Hey Alessandro,

No i bought that button plate from Carlos Reyes from Game On,check out his Facebook or Youtube.
Great guy,he helped me alot with building,wiring etc my own stuff.
But that one i bought and its fantastic!

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