SC2 and other software effect FFB feeling

Hi. I own SC2 Pro and I try to figurate if other software I’m using at the same time can effect FFB .
I try it in Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom . I can set FFB in truedrive and the wheel feels exactly as I want.
When I turn on SimFeedback for sfx100 actuators,simhub for transduscer speakers,racelogic,wind sim,simdash for guages and dassim for lcd display I feel like the FFB is different. Less details and more has more rapid action. I tought it can be Electromagnetic interferences from the other devices, but I tried just turn the software without power the devices and it feels the same. My question is ,is it any way the other software can effect FFB ? We tested it so many times and always feels the same . Is there a chance it can be problem with PC? ports? USB? SC2 is connect direct to pc usb the other devices to usb hub

Maybe you should try one of this contraller cards.

Hmm but do U mean try to connect SC2 into card like that? I tough the most direct and recomendate is to connect it to USB on motherboard ?

So I don’t want to persuade you. But I had a similar problem in my hobby recording studio. There you have a studio sound card, midi keyboard, controller for the studio software, drum box, mouse, keyboard and other stuff.

Try disconnecting everything you don’t need and see if there’s a difference.

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I also higly recoment that card. I have D-Box + GS-5 + G-Belt + Pimax 8KX + SC2 Pro.

No promlems with USB, that card have 4 USB controllers. If you connect all your hardware to motherboard USB slots, there is a change that you saturate the USB bus.

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I already have Orico 4 Port USB 3.0 PCI-E Expansion Card
I have to check and connect SC2 into the exp. card

I will try tonight and see if that’s change anything

Hmm this will have a sense

I hope that worked and you got a solution!