SC2 and motherboard, quality of FFB

Will keep it super short by points.

Upgraded my MB/CPU from Asus Maximus VIII hero/6600k to Asrock b650 pg lightning/7700x (even offline with the same constant lock 142 freesynced fps iR ran smoother, maybe it could be better Freesync tech/drivers, because went from vega 64 to 6800XT, thats not the topic but anyway there was 100% improvement how the sim ran)

First few corners with the new system felt different (not saying worse, but muscle memory was off, weird) took me some time to get back to rythm, i was already preped for a race and was very intune with the setup/car/tract combo, and overall the FFB felt smoother/calmer by say 10-15% (no joke, placebo)

After this upgrade my Fanatec formula V2 USB converted by SRM, had a lot of troubles with drivers crashing and loosing connectivity. After contacting Simon Maltby from SRM (btw what a lad, never seen support like this before, mad respect!!) seems he have caught an issue with pickier MBs (i would say cheap-ass low tier MBs - ) which forced a revision on his latest fanatec conversion PCBs. Seems the USB voltage of this cheap board is a bit lower (that’s how understand i it, by no means i have the education or understanding of computer hardware or electronics, just using logic and guessing)

Now on topic, i was forced to revert back to my older MB combo until the new revised PCB arrives, which led to me testing the FFB back to back (by 30 mins delay of swapping parts) and catching with 99% certainty no placebo, that with my older MB the FFB is slightly rougher(spikier) and maybe few more percent stronger than the new MB combo. Wouldn’t say there is any core difference in the FFB, just like there is a “flavour” difference and i don’t wanna sound nor i believe in the crazy shit that audiophiles who think that 2k USB cable and 3k power supply cable can make a difference in the audio quality.

So do you guys think that there is a chance that different quality MBs/outputs (could be the fact that Asus/6600k is OCed to the bone, or the MB being super old, or the Asrock being dirt cheap/crap) outputing different voltages out of the USB, making slight difference in FFB?

If this was some other sim like rF, i may have not caught but iR is so muscle memory heavy that im like 100% there is a difference.

P.S Never buy cheap MBs, its never worth the savings. On top of this the onboard sound is so crap from the 3.5 in the back and the front case port, had to look for other sound output solutions for my headphones.

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Can’t say why ffb feeling would be changed

But I have personally experienced other issues with an AccuForce that were only resolved when I moved from onboard usb to a dedicated pcie usb add-on card

Something like this:

Although I don’t remember it costing so much…

Since then I dedicate that board to my wheel (currently a SC2P) and never run anything else on it

And I’ve never had issues since

I think that the only change you can feel when switching MB or PC is the Ultra Low Latency slider being not in sync with your muscle memory


Ou this makes sense, it could very much be this. It’s on 15% on my iR profile.

I’ll make sure when going back to the new MB to take off the ULLM to compare.