SC2 and Ascher F64USB - spacer required?

A week ago, I posted a request to clarify if I would need any additional adapters etc. to mount a Cube Formula Pro USB wheel to the SQR on an SC2…

…but when I pushed the button on a back order for the SC2 and a rim a few days later, I actually ordered an Ascher F64USB as the range of inputs matched what I was looking for much more closely and the price was similar. Eye-watering, but similar…:flushed:

Anyway, the Ascher site states that the USB cable extends 65mm from the back plane of the wheel and a spacer may be required for clearance with some wheel bases.

Does anyone use the SC2, SQR and F64 with no additional spacers or QRs?

I’ve got plenty of time to order a spacer before either the rim or base is due to arrive and would hate to wait all that time and then find I couldn’t immediately use my new kit!

On the flip side, my rig is somewhat confined and might need modifying if a spacer is required and this results in the wheel being too close…

Thanks for any definitive guidance!

I use an Ascher B16 USB and don’t need any additional spacers other than what came with SC2.

Where did you order the F64 USB wheel? i am looking to buy it as well but seems still out of stock on Ascher website

Thanks Lee - very reassuring.

Bullitt - I’ve ordered from Demon Tweeks in the UK. They don’t have stock either - but then again, the SC2 is on back order with them and has a similar lead time at the moment…

I’m prepared to wait for both rather than compromise - pretty sure I could get hold of a DD1 and rim quite quickly, but…:face_vomiting::wink:

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I have this wheel and I do not need to use a spacer, although I now use a HRS quick release.
It’s a great wheel, a lot of money, but worth it.

I would recommend mounting the wheel so the SQR is at 60 degree angle. With my B16, I have to disconnect the USB cable from wheel to remove the wheel, otherwise USB interferes with SQR movement. I’ll fix that at some point.

A spacer might help, but mounting wheel at angle seems preferable to me.

Thanks Lee.

Wozza - good to hear, thanks. The cost of the wheel has been the hardest bit to justify (and my partner has yet to find out!)