SC2 + AMS2 = Driving me crazy!

Anyone can help me!!
First, I struggled mapping my wheel and pedals. Now that I finally managed to do that, I’m having issues with wheel being too stiff when calibrating the wheel, it feels like the wheel is resisting me greatly to the point I can’t turn the wheel anymore!!

I Turned everything in AMS2 FFB settings to zero and the first time I tried to calibrate the wheel, the wheel just snapped in the opposite direction and it freaked me out!!

Also, when I calibrate the wheel, I can turn the wheel forever even though in True Drive I set the wheel lock to 900!!

Anyone can tell me what the heck is going on?
Thank you…

map and calibrate with estop pressed or the spring effect generated by the game will cause issues like that. and when calibrating, don’t mind for the stop, it will register the 900° anyway.


Thank you, it worked!!

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Just wanted to try AMS 2 after a long time. Now SC2 pro new paddock firware does not work on AMS2 anymore, i am getting tons of wheel rotation deadzone…undriveable now.
Is the new paddock firmware making AMS2 undriveable ?

Sometimes i really missed my old G25, zero issue from day 1 purchase till many years later and still working fine, plug and play and no complicated and undriveable firmware update one after another

most likely you tried a profile with a different rotation than the one calibrated ingame.