SC2 , 5800x and Aorus Master X570

Ok, The Aorus x570 Master worked when it had the 3900x in but it did have that problem when coming out of sleep mode or rebooting that you need to turn the SC2 off and back on.

The problem is I upgraded to a 5800x and the combination of SC2 , 5800x , Aorus Master X570 and iRacing is just disastrously bad. When driving it would just cut off and you could here it beeping ( like when you turn it on and off ) . I saw the latest Bios 33i which said it fixed USB but it made it worse. Now I couldn’t even get half a lap in before it rebooted or whatever you call it. There is a bad problem with the 5800x and Gigabyte mobos ( well my mobo for sure )and is not granitedevices fault.

I swapped PCs that had a 390z aorus master and intel 9900KF and it still had the problem with sleep and rebooting but once running it was flawless, no cut offs. Hoping the new drivers that are due will fix the little annoyance and will try it again on the 5800x.

Anyway not a request for help but just letting you know my experiences with the AMD components especially the 5800x


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This is extremely important information. Thank you for sharing this!

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This is a firmware issue only in the latest 2021.1 release and will be fixed soon.

Hopefully the sleep and restart will be fixed but I think the bigger issue is with the 5800x and whatever they can do to fix it up. I hope you are right and it will fix the big issue I was having with disconnecting after 1/2 a lap.

X570 Chipsets are having USB problems but they are fixed now. Check your MB producers web page for the latest firmware that is build around ComboAM4PIV2

If it does not yet exists, it will come soon. Also ComboAM4PIV2 PATCH A bios should fix the problem.

I am not sure if your problem is 100% related to this but it’s a good idea to fix the general USB problem first.

Check your Mobo…

Latest F33i bios for your mobo: 1. Update AMD AGESA ComboV2 PatchA
It should help fixing the problem.

I just recently upgraded from a 7700k to an AMD 5800x with a B550 Motherboard, and so far have had no such issues with my SC2 pro. I don’t play iRacing but since the upgrade, it has been working like normal on Assetto Corsa, AC Competizione, AMS2, and RaceRoom. I agree that it’s likely motherboard USB related.

Thats the BIOS 33i ComboAM4v2

that I have put in that is causing the disconnects…its available on the Aorus Website and its causing more problems then the 33c


i have like 9 build from both intel and AMD from 8700 to 5950x.

I wrote about this “possible issues” in another thread.

you have to watch for something like “USB Legacy mode / USB compatibility” or anything that is similar, on your bios. and remember to upgrade to the latest AGESA ( in case of AMD ) usually latest available bios have the latest agesa.

In windows you have to check your power Plan settings and in case you have AMD balanced or ( Balanced" you have to SWITCH TO MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE and in power advanced settings DISABLE USB SUSPEND FEATURES. Remember to install the latest chipset drivers for amd or intel.

Don’t use USB hubs even if you have payed it 7000 dollars.

in case of intel you have to check if your VCCIO and VCCSA “expecially IO” have the right mV in case of droop or spikes. On intel platform incorrect tensions can incurr on "selectively disable usb hub and entire root hub. In AMD it’s the same exact behavior.

As always, the problem is on software side, hardware fault is basicly impossible.

I changed it to AMD Ryzen Power Plan and its working…thats the only change I made and its something as simple as that

Still have the slight problem of sleep and rebooting but now I am getting in the habit of turning it off when not using so its not a problem

Just to finish this off , by using the latest drivers the SC2 Pro is running without a flaw

Thanks for all the replies

Albert, you mentioned "USB Legacy mode / USB compatibility” in the BIOS settings.

Are you suggesting that his should be enabled or disabled?


For what i have experienced, i leave it enabled.
worth to mention that this is not a problem of simucube devices, it’s a common problem with USB root hubs, usb hubs, multiport USB HUb etc… it’s the way the chipset is implemented. Some bioses is good , some not :).

Another safe trick is to completely “delete” the existing association on windows USB enumeration and ( clean ) hidden usb devices.

when you made a change on the bios go to windows device manager and allow to show “hidden devices” after this, DELETE the device that have problem and let windows to re-enumerate the usb device.
Sometime you can have power sleep problems. It’s windows…

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