SC1 vs SC2 and 12A vs 22A amperage

A sc1 small mige and 20 Nm at 12A
A sc2 pro has 25 Nm and 22A

if I increase sc1 to 15A I get more force

so if sc2 has 22A it gives much more force than 1 sc1 ?
what is the impact of the amperes value on the force provided by the wheel ?

Torque vs. current curve is linear. However, many factors are in play. Different motors have different torque constants, and different voltage requirements.

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Thanks Mika
is it possible to increase the small mige to 20A without damaging the motor ?

You would be overdriving the motor, and you would also be voltage limited due to the properties of the motor. So more current, but not much more torque anymore due to the energy just getting burned to heat due to inefficient motor.

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And, these are just my understanding on what happens. Somebody can make a better description about this.

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12.86 AMPS in the IONI drive MMC is 20Nm for the small mige and the way that it is built… If you go higher you are exceeding she Small Mige Design Specs and much of that addition will be burned off in heat… Though it is possible as @phillip.vanrensburg has done this to get the Small Mige to 25Nm it isn’t generally recommended (due to the heat and as well the additional PSU requirements). If you are currently at 100% and 12A you are running approx 18.67Nm, I know some Retailers set their units up to be slightly lower than maximum output. Adjusting this through Granity will give you the full 20Nm.

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Yep, good memory , Brion ^^ I had mine setup at 25NM at some stage due to the large Mige being voltage-limited to 27NM on the IONI back then, and I wanted to see how well the small Mige would go at 25NM with 600gr weight strapped onto the hub.

Felt brilliant back then, servo is still with me, but with that said, I have always had it bolted to my big and very thick steering-mount, which helped whisking the extra heat away.

Certainly possible, as long as people keep the servo under the 75-90deg C level, it should be fine.

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