SC1 stopped working

FFB stopped working. It says STO active but I have measured the emergency stop button at the leads closest to the SimuCUBE and it works.

MiGE large / BiSS C
Firmware: 10718 / 1.0.30
HW version: r004

LED3 is green
PSU is green
IONI blinks SSSL.

The 5v for the STO switch reads 5.14v.

I have 5.14v between ground and STO when button is released and 2.67v when it is depressed.
Is this correct?

The e-stop is wired to IONI. I will see if our hardware engineers can take a look.

I sent my SimuCUBE to Tomo Meglic (
Tomo was super helpful and fixed the problem and returned the SimuCUBE within a few hours.
Outstanding support.