SC1 On/Off Button

This has been asked before but I cannot seem to find any clear guidance in regards to this.

Due to me having my Simucube SC1 Controller tucked away, im looking for a way to easily power on and off my wheel base without having to reach around. Ideally i would like to use something like a monetary switch much like a oc power button or I would even go with a toggle switch…just something that i can have at the front and physically see.

Is there any diagrams to wire something up. I new to this diy stuff most I have done is made an iflag, and a powerbutton / e stop for a fanatec dd1.

Please let me know if someone can help with this as im having no luck finding the information.

On/off button diy project for Simucube 1 would likely involve doing some DIY things with mains electricity. It would be safer to get a power cord with such button.

I did it. My power lead is about 1.5m. There is a socket to take the mains. Then the wires go in to the green rocker switch. Then back out to the power supply. I also have the estop as well.

Having written that, if you aren’t comfortable wiring mains stuff up, seek an alternative. With no SC1 boards left in the wild, you don’t want to blow anything up.

What you have is exactely what I need. Can you show me how you wired it? I am comfortable with wiring, just need the schematic basically or a really clear picture of what goes to what.

I can do but it’s late here. So tomorrow I will take pictures. It wasn’t difficult. And I haven’t blown anything up. Well, maybe a little.

That would be greatly appreciated.

Would something like this work? To me it looks essentially like the plug that is already with the sc1 but would like some input

I have an IEC plug. I originally had a fused one with a switch. The earth from this goes straight into the NDR-480. The N and L from the plug go into the switch. Then from the other side of the switch into the NDR-480. I used a couple of old power cables. Took the ends off and used them as wires. I’ve had no issues for years with this set up and the SC1 is tucked away out of sight.