SC1 looses center and torque intermittently

If memory serves, those are 12v encoders, you need the 5V version, denoted by an A in the part number as opposed to B…possibly the 2nd one might be ok, but verify the full part number…

So verify it is BiSS-B or BiSS-C protocol, hollow 10mm conical mechanical interface, 5V psu …you will also need to source appropriate cable/connector or make one up. But the cables are small and thin and tricky to work with…


I don’t know if the hengstler AD58 / 0022AX.0XBIO.5652 encoder should be taken…

There is another version AD58 / 0022A1.0KBI0

Take the 0XBIO encoder or the 1.0KBI0 encoder.

In the manual there is written 1.0K Spring tether, IP40,
cone 10 mm

I will later today the part number of the one I used. On quick view, both those ‘might’ be ok, but let me check and get back to you.


I would like information between Biss B and Biss C, what a difference.

The 0xBIO should be ok, it is similar to mine, as long as it is AD58 0022 A BIO series, it will be ok, main important parts is 5V, conical 10mm hole-mount amd 22 bits single-turn for 4M counts final resolution.

BiSS-B and BiSS-C are different protocols, both are supported in Simucube and both can be used. The one you want to buy is the AD58 BIO series, which is BiSS-B, which is also what I am using.

Differences are to small to note for our application, if the price is good, take either :wink:

I would like to know if the IA6549 "623 Signal Connectors ‘’ speedtec INTERCONTEC cord is good or not with a BISS B hengstler AD58 encoder.

I would like to know whether the right Signal M23 connector (623) INTERCONTEC “623 Signal Connectors Receptacle angled rotatable” is good or not with a BISS B hengstler AD58 encoder.


Thanks for your help

The AD 58 Biss B encoder is 725.78 € in Germany, it is very expensive.

It is a pity that we cannot contact SIMTRONIX with Davy.

I do not know his email and his facebook.

Yes Dave seems to be off the grid now. The Simtronix email does not work anymore.
I have attached a pic of the encoder that Davy used to sell.

Those cables can work, but you need to verify the pin configuration :wink:


Thank you for your help.
It’s a Heidenhain encoder for mige, that’s good.

Simtronix has a youtube channel.
I found a video of assembly of the mige encoder.

I can’t contact simtronix on youtube.

A few of us also used them on AKM motors.
You have to make a new back cover plate for the motor and use a shaft coupler and a short piece of shaft.

I will try to find pics.

I don’t think Dave wants to be found. Nobody seems to have a contact for him anymore.


I would like to know if the INTERCONTEC speedtec cord of the IA6549 “623” signal connectors is good or not with a BISS B hengstler AD58 encoder.


I want the photos.

I have to check the green cable of the encoder to know if it is good or not for the BISS encoder.

Only photo I found so far was of the mounting plate. I will have to reconfigure it as the file is larger than allowed here on the site.

Sam Maxwell also modded some AKM motors to use the Mige Biss c encoder. Made a new backplate for the AKM which allowed him to use the Mige encoder housing, cable and everything.
I think he did a 3d printed tapered bushing, but if someone could do a metal bushing that would be great.

You can still get those encoders from Lisa at Mige. I just asked her about it around a month ago.

Here are a few pics I just got from Sam doing the Davy Watts encoderGmail - vmatxsls06_1150540339856-1-IMG_20200425_193955_01.jpg.pdf (1.9 MB)

Hi, you will need to wire your encoder on the servo side to the correct pins, and then the same on the Simucube side. That cable seems it was wired for an incremental encoder with index and hall-effect uvw sensors…

It will work, but you have to map the correct pins from the encoder to the ones on the cable, same on Simucube end.


Thank you for your help…

I have to rewire the green cable from the encoder to the kollmergen then simulube with the right pins.

I also have to rewire or not the cable with the pins that are present in the kollmergen motor to the correct pins.

If I don’t rewire the cable, I wouldn’t have BISS resolution.

I do how to rewire the encoder cable and also the wiring in the kollmorgen motor.

There is no tutorial to wire the two.


I can buy in which company and / or a MIGE 130ST-M15015 motor (30 Nm) + Biss C with cables.

It’s cheaper than buying a HENGSTLER Encoder AD58 encoder for Kollmorgen.