SC1 cables routing, is there a wrong and a right way?

Hi all.
So, since friday night I can distinctly feel like a “sand” effect when turning under load accompanied to some hissing noise; it feels more intense the more force feedback gain I use ingame, in every game with no noticeable differences.
It happened right after I had to find a new placement to all cables due to space constraints and new furniture being placed into the room. I had been very cautious not to tangle or loop the cables, as suggested here.
Yesterday night, I finally managed to get rid of sand effect and relative noise by lowering to hal their value both MR and ML on Granity, I read somewhere here on this forum one guy had same problem and solved this way.
Now it seems to be fine, maybe ffb is not quite as good as before (or at least it seems to me) but at least I got rid of noise and sandy effect under load.
All that said I am starting to think it has something to do with the cables themselves…do you think might help getting the fully shielded cables? maybe it has something to do with EMI? Is there a right way and a wrong way to route the two (or 3 considering the e-stop one) cables from Simucube case to the motor?

It sounds like EMI to me.