SC v1 intermittent metallic / squeaking noises under load

i hava SimuCUBE setup with IONI Pro HC, SR-480-48 power supply and an AKM53K servo.

it’s worked great for a few years, but lately the servo makes metallic/squeaking noises when under load mid-corner. once it starts, it continues. after 10 minutes of this, the power will sometimes drop off intermittently and become very easy to turn (as if it’s at 20% strength).

power cycling the SimuCUBE, does not help. when it starts back up it has the same behavior.

sometimes, the next day, the problem is continues, but sometimes, the next day, i’ll turn it on again and it will be perfectly fine, for weeks.

then yesterday, the problem comes back and it’s the same thing all over again. squeaking noise when under load and a power cycle does not make a difference.

i was searching for answers and ran across this thread

it sounds almost exactly like what i was experiencing. metallic/squeaking noises under load, then a spongy feel in some corners like it gives way and unable to provide the necessary torque.

i’ve checked the wires for loose connections, i’ve powered down and let things cool off days at a time, rebooted my Windows 10 machine, swapped usb ports, etc.

any suggestions or things to look for?