SC 2 Sport & Cube Controls Wheels For Sale

Hi All. I am not sure if I am allowed for post ‘for sale’ topics here. Please let me know if i’m not and I will remove the post straight away.

I have the following for sale if anyone is interested…

Brand new still boxed Simucube 2 Sport (£900)
Brand new still boxed Cube Controls Formula Sport Wireless Wheel (£600)
Almost new Cube Controls Formula Sport USB Wheel (£500) (has about 2 hours of use and comes with all original packaging and fixings etc)

If anyone is interested in both the SC Base and one of the wheels then I can reduce the overall price by £50.

I can post worldwide but at the buyers cost obviously.

I am based in South East England (RH17 near Brighton)

Let me know if your interested?

We have not set up any guidelines on sales here, so lets keep it here and good luck with your sale.

Please remove your post if you get a successful sale.

I will also remove it in a few weeks if I remember… :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks a lot Mika