SC 2 PRO - strange feeling from the wheelbase, is that a damage?

Hi all,

Just want to ask is that wheel damage or a normal for the DD wheel base. It hard to explain, I will try. In some corners the way FFB feedback is generated I feel a slight “grinding” (sorry I’m not native, maybe the word in not right). When wheel base is OFF - I don’t have anything like that - wheel spinning smooth and silently. I can’t say if such issue from the beginning or appeared later since I don’t really remember. Wheel in use for like 6 months.

Probably reconstruction filter…

Share a pic of your settings

reconstruction filter set to min (fast). When setting it higher the FFB for me is “slow” so I prefer the fast mode

I dont have IRacing but i would start with some damping, idk about in game settings

change damping in SC tool or in iRacing? increase or decrease?

Increase damping in True Drive

True Drive -> SC Tool

In general you can use higher recon filters and get rid of the latency by using ULLM. Especially Iracing profiles have normally recon higher than 1. Bear in mind that some settings are based on logic, but we still do the opposite. Good example is slew rate limit: slew rate limited to “off=0” means you have the full rate available. If you limit it at Fe 0.1 then you have almost no more torque dynamic per millisecond