SC 1 to SC 2 settings scale the same ....?

Hello everyone . I am a new Simucube 2 pro owner .

Basically what i will like to know is if the % increment in the settings from simucube 1 vs simucube 2 on True drive is the same ?

For example if in simucube 1 settings 1% damp is the same 1% damp in SC 2 or i need to scale it differently ?

I am sorry if i cause confusion . I am trying to replicate someones simucube 1 settings from youtube to my new SC 2 pro and i am not sure if they scale the same .

Thanks in adavance .

Multiply x 10 for the SC2. ie: SC1 damping: 1.00 => SC2 damping: 10%


Ok got it . Thank you

Are they really scaled like that though or are you just basing that on SC2 being 0-100 and SC1 being 0-10?

Do you know if recon filter is scaled 1:1?

Recon filter is the same, and the damping/friction/inertia are 10x.

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Great. Just as John_Koch stated. Thanks John, and thanks Mika for confirmation. I didn’t think it was so simple :slight_smile:

Great community . I am glad i switch from Fanatec eco system to simucube . It is a BIG difference .


Yea it was determined that with the SC1 no one ever went above 10% anyway which is 100on the SC2 and even when you did with the SC1 it sometimes did some things that weren’t really desirable… So the change is really sort of just to allow people to fine tune more within a fixed range as with the SC1 most people would also only use .5% increments rather than .1% which could be beneficial… now with the SC2 .5% is 5 positions.