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I am on 20201.9 and can’t seem to find a way for it to open up with my RF2 profile instead of my AC profile which I rarely play. Is there a way to do this so I don’t have to choose every time I start TD?

It seemed to work for a while but it always opens up with AC now.

Thank you

i’m having the same problem. also, it shows one profile enabled but in the “active profile” row there’s a different one.

You can set up the default profile in Paddock by clicking the set as default button when you are viewing the properties of the profile.


yes but the next time you open td it doesn’t show the def profile…

Can you write full steps to repeat this?

I don’t know how to replicate it exactly, but I can show you the state of td :
here, it says paddock profile : assetto corsa even if i opened td with iracing as active profile

and here i can’t set iracing as default, it just doesn’t let me change it

does this also happen if you close true drive and reopen it?

also, this is with 2021.9 right? because the API was changed for this release.

it is 21.9 yes, I’ll try to reopen td in a bit and report about that

so opening td from the start (after powering up sc2) doesn’t produce those errors

yeah, maybe its some case that we haven’t thought about or some timing issue with the paddock app loading and the True Drive connecting to device causes a mismatch somehow.

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I just noticed! You have Lounge user mode enabled in your user settings in Paddock. In that mode, any active profile is not synced back to the Paddock as that mode is meant to be used when a simulator lounge user wants to run many simulators on same user account with different profiles. All profile changes are being done with the Refresh Profiles button that is not visible normally.

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well, great find Mika, now the question is how did I enabled it and how to revert back to default mode :slight_smile:

click your profile icon, edit profile, checkbox at the end.

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It seems there is indeed a timing bug/issue that sometimes, on device power-on event, causes the Paddock application to send the last active profile to device before the information about the default profile was loaded from device.

This will be fixed in the next release.

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