Save a Simucube?

Sorry to do this but I am hoping I haven’t fried my Simucube/Ioni. I had a power surge the other day and killed my PC motherboard but when I switched on the Simucube it initalised, and found the index. Great. Today I installed a new MB and connected all the peripherals up. Connected the Simucube, turned it on. The wheel wobbled and found index etc. When I went in to MMOS or Granity, neither find the drive. I thought it was drivers but even after updating, Simucube isn’t found. Device manager doesn’t budge either.

I followed this - Measure the resistance from the X2 pad HV+ to RES. and X2 pad RES to GND. First comes back at 2.3 ohm but there is nothing on RES to GND which indicates MOSFET.

My question now is can I replace the MOSFET myself? Is there any way to determine if it is more serious?

For things like this, I would advice to submit an official support ticket, as we don’t want to have this forum as a problem reporting forum.

Hi there @16sth,
I couldn’t find a means to pm you using this discourse service, so I’m posting here. I just encountered the same issue (very low resistance from X2 pad RES to GND). In my case the resistance was ~2kOhms, which is notably less than the 10kOhm minimum threshold stated in the troubleshooting guide.

I have submitted a support ticket, but I’m wondering how you ended up resolving this. Did you have to replace the MOSFET? Did that solve the issues you were experiencing?

I can’t seem to find the MOSFET component from nexperia anywhere online. I believe they may have discontinued it. Do you have any idea if a BUK9575-100A MOSFET from another manufacturer will work?