Rumble Motors for throttle, brake and wheel?

Fanatec offers rumble motors, for Vibration, is there something like that with SimuCube FW?
Just curious, johannes

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No, nothing like that exists for Simucube as we only make the wheelbase. We do not need rumble motors on the wheel itself as we can use the servo motor to offer vibration.

OK, thanks! :grinning:

Mika, does that mean that you may add such vibration effects to SimuCube(2) at some point?

We do have a working telemetry reader for one simracing title - most likely the one that would benefit the most from these types of effects.

However, it looks like UI simplification and other minor developments are going to take preference so that we will not need to make Simucube any more complex to use.


Not meaning to offend anyone suggesting a non-Simucube solution for the problem, here. I find the SimHub ShakeIt via Arduino motor shield quite nice: