Round Wheel rim recommendations?

I’m looking for recommendations for a round wheel rim - any recommendations?
(IE not D-shaped, not F1, Round for use with Truck Simulator, Wreckfest, etc…)

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Lot’s of choices. I use my own DIY GT rim allot for GT cars but love the D-shape for most non-gt cars (wtcr f.e.).

In any case if you want an all-round rim I would probably go for a 300mm rim. That’s the most allround size. Formula style (280-290mm) is a bit too small for many cars and while I love my D-shape (320mm) it might be a tad large for general use.

I could only afford one rim - so it had to be something that worked for all genres…

It was an easy choice for me - an Ascher F64 as it has more controls and inputs that you can shake a stick at - plus flappy-paddles and a twin-paddle F1 clutch…

I honestly don’t really ‘get’ the perceived need for different rims - with the possible exceptions of drifting/rallying and F1 - but then I lived (and loved) with the Thrustmaster F1 rim for over five years and had no problems switching genres.

I also own(ed) two real-world vehicles with c. 280mm-ish rims amd high-ratio steering racks - so I’m comfortable with limited-angle rotation etc.

I can only recommend the Ascher F64-USB V2 cause that’s what I have. Which wheel is the right one for you kind of depends on a lot of things :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a list that I’ve made with a few wheels you might want to consider. Unfortunately some manufacturers don’t list all specifications. I’ve e-mailed with manufacturers and they wouldn’t give me a straight answer regarding battery-life and weight specs etc.

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Dave this is a great list!

It sounds like your experience has been with hard core racers and I am familiar with that type of user - a formula rim is all they need, and many will spend a majority of time in ACC or iRacing.

I play a large variety of games, and some of my favorites are the truck sim games - I love the feeling of making a sharp turn then releasing my grip on a completely round rim and then gripping it again as the vehicle heads in the right direction - it’s exactly how I drive my car in real life.

I also love racing games where a formula style rim and a limited wheel rotation are more common.

For the formula stuff, the Ascher 64 would have been an easy choice, but it is sold out. I filled that need with an Ascher F28.

For the truck sim stuff, I am looking for recommendations on all round wheels.

Ideally leather, and something that’d fit a button box as I’d likely add that in the future.

After seeing the GT Pro Sparco Wireless on the streams from Dan Suzuki I fell in love with that wheel, so I bought it. Good size, wireless, “round” … these were also my points to be actually driving other games like ETS2.
Less buttons compared to the F28-SC and the top two toggle buttons could be a bit longer, but apart from these two points the wheel is absolutely nice.
But it is not cheap, even if you compare it to the Asher one …

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I have this wheel and it’s great and a great price. Leather or suede options.

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I see the thread title has been changed to ‘round wheel’. Okay then probably a Petter Solberg rally rim 320mm carbon fiber 460 grams. Not that I have one but that would be on top of my list. Just add a Ascher Racing box to it and done.
or the OMP 320 Alu S that would be a lot cheaper :wink:

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If you are going to use only one wheel, a round 300 mm is, imo, the best option.

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Spotline Imola 3-300, comes in alcantara or leather. The most comfortable and ergonomically correct wheel I have come across. Outstanding quality too.

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Any recommended place to get that from? I’m on the market for a new 300mm leather rim.

I got my Sportline Competition from here, shop located in Italy

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In some of these round wheels I’ve noticed they aren’t perfectly round - many have bump outs at the
4 o’clock and 8 o’clock point - what are your thoughts on these vs a symmetrically round wheel?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

I got mine from SSRG but he is not in wheels business anymore.
APS sellls some
Also check amazon, at least in US they have suede option.

I mainly use different rims (own 2, a gt style and a d-shape) cause I feel like an idiot using a GT rim in “old” cars :smiley:

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