RMA and New order

I have an open RMA, I’m months unanswered, I send email and I am not answered, I need to open new RMA because I have more SC1 cards probably a defective batch on USB, but I am not even answered from the old.

I am also not being answered by the sales email to check why I am not getting the% discount on the cart to buy new simucube since I have some defects.

I am sending the message here as my last resort, unfortunately I am going through this, I would like to understand why I need to go through such a situation and even more to have a solution.

It does help if you answer questions and it would also help / simplify the RMA cases if those would go directly with you and not with third parties.

That discount has been discontinued for all customers that are not distributors.

We are sorry about this issue and such delays that have been there, but hopefully we get this cleared out soon with you.

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Hello Rodrigo,
Ok, I have figured out what the problem is with your Simucubes. There are NO defective USB devices, but rather an issue with the FW 0.50.4c when flashing fresh Simucube without previous FW older than 0.11.2

  1. If you have a new Simucube, with no FW installed, but only BOOTLOADER, you cannot flash directly to 0.50.4c. You need to flash to 0.11.2 first!! Otherwise things don’t work, you cannot even communicate with IONI via Granity because things are left in some unknown state

  2. If you have already flashed to 0.50.4c with the resultant problem scenario, follow steps 3 and onwards below:

  3. Download 0.11.2 fw from Wiki.

  4. Use DfuSeDemo and open file ‘simucube-bootloader_and_reset_all_settings.dfu’ from the 0.11.2 fw root directory

  5. Flash it and follow instructions

  6. After this, start the 0.11.2 SimuCUBE Configuration Tool and device will be detected in FW upgrade mode. Follow basic instructions to flash it.

  7. After you have successfully flashed with 0.11.2, you can now use 0.50.4c and flash the normal way.

That’s it, all sorted. I created this procedure just now on 2x new empty 2018 model Simucube boards and it works very well. So no USB issues, like I said a few days ago, I suspected only minor issue was to blame :slight_smile:
Let me know if it works for you!!!

I try to find your other thread on iRacing and will post this there as well.


I will try to upgrade to version 50.4c if I can get into DFU mode again manually, it turns out that windows no longer recognizes USB or dfu mode manually.

obs I never used versions over 50xxx because they say they are recommended for wifi controls.

So far it has only happened on plates I received in late 2019.

when I do the new tests I inform you the results, thank you very much

Flash 0.11.2 as per above and then 0.50.4c.

Let me know how it goes!

Beano you been sleeping! LOL
You must have bumped your head to hard being our crash test dummy from OZ!!

We have been doing this on every build or upgrade after 11.2
If you do not install 11.2 first, on the newer firmware you will get to a ponit that the next button you need to click will not be on the screen. Plus the install will be all jacked up.

Hopefully this works for Rodrigo, but I suspect he is past the point of installing any firmware if he is not able to connect via USB.

Fingers crossed that I am wrong.:crossed_fingers:

This should be top priority to be fixed though.

@Joe: I realise, but I had a few other beta-versions between those :slight_smile: But Mika has pointed via Whatsapp that they had some parts that were not working correctly in that respect, so 11.2 is the best.

Anyway just highlighting that as it is not that pertinent, someone might miss it…like I did. But I got it sorted. It’s a bit of fun though if you are stuck somewhere and things appear broken, my description above is simply to help the non-technical guys that did the same I did, to recover…it wasn’t meant for the experts, haha. If you don’t follow the recovery steps, you will be in trouble, as you can’t access the Device via Granity, even basic comms hand-shake is established…

And between testing Argons, SC1 and SC2, one has to keep one’s bearings together…easy to get lost between the different versions, blah…plus, I have a limited number of brain-cells too :slight_smile:

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I know Beano, I am just picking on you!! :grin:

I am with you for sure on remembering all the nuances of the different versions of OSW.
I have been helping quite a few new people to OSW lately get setup for the first time.
Quite a bit of used systems have been moving around since introduction of SC2.

Have fun on your trip! I hope you guys get more rain in OZ and put out those DAMN FIRES!!

I didn’t want to acknowledge that I’m getting old and can’t remember stuff, Joe :joy:

Cheers for that, just boarded. Will be a good week in NZ with customers, should be back home Thursday night. Lots’ of rain expected during this week in Oz though, definitely an Island of extremes, Ha.

Chat later!


i try today, but i cant go to DFU mode, because the USB dont recognize, just IONI USB

last running it is with 11.2 i never user firmeware 50.xxxx