Richard Burns Rally CZ mod OSW FFB settings

Hello guys,

can someone share their ingame and simuCUBE settings for RBR.

I try to find but failed :pensive:

Thank you :wink:

Other than setting wheel rotation to 540 degrees or so, I don’t remember having to adjust anything particular for RBR. Its all so subjective.

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Is your SimuCube 1 working with RBR? How did you do that? Help me pls. This is one of my favorite game. My RBR does not see my SC1 and I don’t know why, there is no problem with HE pedals.

You might want to try with lower steering range (for example, 540 degrees) and then move the axis very fast all the way to bumpstop when assigning control in RBR.

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Mika you was right!!! Thank you so much for that help. I was too slow. RBR is the best rally simulator ever for me. On SC1 there is fantastic FFB feeling too, what a surprise. Absolutely great customers support Mika. You can’t even imagine how important it was for me. Barry from Sim Racing Garage stop playing RBR because of that problem. It was the best rally simulator for him too. Now time to try new phisics…NGP 6.0 for RBR. Thank you!

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