Rfactor2 - Welcome to the ring!

Finally! rfactor2 just released Nordschleife / Nürburgring. :slight_smile:

Heaven for SimuCube users. :sunglasses:


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It’s so incredibly bumpy. Definitely the best Nords in any sim right now.


Dream track so glad they made it proper laserscan scan too. Mazda 767b another car to try there. Set FFB in tuning too as it is very strong and watch the raised curbs if FFB is high :slight_smile:


This Nords is AMAZING! So impressed with it

Yep new rF2 one is awesome deleted all my old versions of it now. forgot to reduce the multi from 1.0 to .35 on 767b and had jolt too high now on zero so nursing badly pulled wrist but be good in few weeks lol

Ouch. Yeah i had to start doing preventive exercises for my shoulders, After crashing a Lotus 49 :smiley: fue weeks ago. I since then i run low ffb