RFactor2 FFB suspension surges bumps. sc2

I’ve been deep diving the forums on this site, rd, 397 forums for a few months now and I still cant find a solution for the harsh bumps, suspension surges.

There is no ‘clear’ or ‘layman’ description in the controller.json file as to which parameter truly affects this hideous torque surge.

Am I blind? Can someone please light the way as I’m seriously losing my shit! I really want to like this game but the surges even on say 15nm sc2 @ 50% car spec ffb just kills my lines. Also it lowers the static forces too much for smaller wheel adjustments.

I’m guessing these lines of code from the .json file hold the secret.

“Steering effects strength#”:"-10000 to +10000, applies to all steering effects (torque, resistance, static spring, jolt, etc.)",
“Steering resistance coefficient”:0.1,
“Steering resistance coefficient#”:“Coefficient to use for steering resistance. Range: -1.0 to 1.0”,
“Steering resistance saturation”:0.1,
“Steering resistance saturation#”:“Saturation value to use for steering resistance. Range: 0 - 1.0”,
“Steering resistance type”:0,
“Steering resistance type#”:“0=use damping, 1=use friction”,
“Steering spring coefficient”:0,
“Steering spring coefficient#”:“Static spring effect rate (-1.0 to 1.0)”,
“Steering spring saturation”:0,
“Steering spring saturation#”:“Static spring effect peak force (0.0 to 1.0)”,
“Steering torque capability”:25,
“Steering torque capability#”:“The maximum torque capability of the wheel (in Nm, obviously)”,
“Steering torque extrap blend”:0,
“Steering torque extrap blend#”:“Higher blends of extrapolated value allows driver to feel torque changes even when actual torque exceeds ‘input max’ (0.0=disables, 1.0=max)”,
“Steering torque extrap time”:0.001,
“Steering torque extrap time#”:“Time in seconds to extrapolate steering torque based on current change (Range: 0.001 to 0.050. To disable, set ‘blend’ to 0.0)”,
“Steering torque filter”:4,
“Steering torque filter#”:“Number of old samples to use to filter torque from vehicle’s steering column (0-32, note that higher values increase effective latency)”,
“Steering torque minimum”:0,
“Steering torque minimum#”:“Minimum torque to apply in either direction to overcome steering wheel’s ‘FFB deadzone’ caused by friction”,
“Steering torque per-vehicle mult”:1,
“Steering torque per-vehicle mult#”:“Per-vehicle steering column torque multiplier (this is a copy of the .CCH value)”,
“Steering torque sensitivity”:1,
“Steering torque sensitivity#”:“Sensitivity curve applied to representable torques: 0.0=low 1.0=linear 2.0=high”,
“Steering torque zero-speed mult”:0.1,
“Steering torque zero-speed mult#”:“Multiplier at zero speed to reduce unwanted oscillation from strong static aligning torque”,

Does anyone hold the answer?

jolt magnitude=0 and ffb curbs = -1.5 where you see 1.5

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Cheers man will hopefully get some time this weekend to test out.

Thanks again for replying!

ffb curbs = -1.5 where you see 1.5- This option is nowhere to be found. Please explain?

should be kerbs pull factor

Jolt magnitude

Found the pull setting but doesn’t help with those torque spikes on bumps.

The problem is with the curbs only.

Are the bumps on the edges of the rumble strip tied to the canned rumble strip effect or is the effect tied to either jolt or steering spring/ force? I can’t figure it out! It’s only on the edges of the rumble strips when you hit the hard raised edges. The effect coming of that is crazy harsh!

Any help from Granite Devices or Studio397 reps would also be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent many hours on this forum & Studio 397’s forum and it seems no one has an answer to this. Every other enquiry by other peeps ends up an unanswered dead end as well.

If it is unfixable then at least put us out of our misery and let us know. Then I can go back to racing instead of constant fracking tweaking.

Slew rate in the sc2 software helps but I really don’t want to have to use it so low n slow! Around the 0.50 mark is gud.