rFactor 2 steering off center in game.... help?

Hey guys ijust jumped on the OSW bandwagon from SimRacing Bay and have the simucube software everything fine in iracing but in rfactor everything looks fine in the controls menu steering wise until i enter the session and even though my wheel is centered in the session its showing off to the right. Anyone else having this issue and have a solution. Im getting it with all cars it seems.


Does it show as being center in the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool? Perhaps you need to run the Motor, Encoder and Center point wizard to set your wheel’s center point. IRacing uses its own calibration, so thats why it works but other games show up with an offset.

Yes I ran again all seems fine but in rf2 menus also looks fine though hard to tell on that thing they use but as soon as I enter the track it’s offset slightly again tried in F1 radical skip barber all were doing it it seems its centered everywhere except when I enter the track

Would relocating the shaft adapter at a different point on the shaft help at all. Is it possible I can be too far away from where it should be?

Should not be possible… Does anyone else have a similar experience with rFactor2?

I run nothing but rF2 I have never seen this problem I have tested it with many builds
How does it look in the controller config in RF2

Try this

In rF2 options controls center the wheel and click center under steering bottom left
That’s the only way I could force it to be offset in the game

When I get home will give it a look/try

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Sorry it’s all new and I built a rig to hold this and couldn’t pass up some testing of the Williams F1 at road America on iracing with a friend. Is it possible I could of changed anything in the json file that could caused this I’m even thinking of a reinstall of rfactor 2

the json files have many settings, yes. I would backup your current one and try a fresh profile in rfactor2 to see if there is a difference.

However, I can’t really help with the details, as I’m not familiar with rfactor2 settings…

I’ll try that tonight

You can download some known good settings here


There is a Controller.json file and a Config file for our wheels you are welcome to try them but you will have to remap your buttons

Great thanks will try that 1st. Funny never had any time for iracing before never a big fan of the feel but since I got the osw wow really enjoying it again and I’ve always been a rf2 diehard till now. Hopefully this will get sorted and I can enjoy both worlds

great news all is good again still not sure what was wrong but all good now thanks all for your help

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Just to add I did a file integrity check in steam said some issue and had to require some file then I loaded in someone else’s json file and all was good

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Glad you got it sorted