Rfactor 2 Simucube problem

Hi guys!

I’ve just got a Simucube 2 sport, I’ve got it working amazingly with BeamNg, roughly with Assetto corsa (needs alot of tweaking for drifting) but it’s not working at all with Rfactor2.

I’m using a g29 gearshift and will be using the button box too when I can get it mounted properly to the simucube. Could this be the problem?

Rf2 is recognizing the simucube but not detecting any inputs

If anyone can suggest what I should do that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


Never mind, I tried today and now it’s working perfectly!

I’ve also managed to dial it in for drifting on Assetto Corsa and it feels very good! Much better than the g29 I had previously!

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I’d be interested to know how easy it is getting the G29 to work on the Simcube 2?
Also how much work / what do you have to do to get the button box working? Many thanks

Logitech G series button boxes / gearsticks are not compatible with Simucube directly. However, there are third-party adapters available to connect them to USB directly.