Rfactor 2 Simucube problem

Hi guys!

I’ve just got a Simucube 2 sport, I’ve got it working amazingly with BeamNg, roughly with Assetto corsa (needs alot of tweaking for drifting) but it’s not working at all with Rfactor2.

I’m using a g29 gearshift and will be using the button box too when I can get it mounted properly to the simucube. Could this be the problem?

Rf2 is recognizing the simucube but not detecting any inputs

If anyone can suggest what I should do that would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


Never mind, I tried today and now it’s working perfectly!

I’ve also managed to dial it in for drifting on Assetto Corsa and it feels very good! Much better than the g29 I had previously!

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I’d be interested to know how easy it is getting the G29 to work on the Simcube 2?
Also how much work / what do you have to do to get the button box working? Many thanks

Logitech G series button boxes / gearsticks are not compatible with Simucube directly. However, there are third-party adapters available to connect them to USB directly.


It’s quite easy to use the gearshift and pedals working with the simucube. You just need to take the electric board from inside the g29 wheel mount, put that in a box for safekeeping and then plug directly into that.

For the button box its’ a little more work, that will involve some soldering, 7 core curly cable and this part to convert the button box onto a 70mm pattern: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2625316

I’ll upload pictures when it’s all finished