rFactor 2 plugin to adjust steering range?


I know it’s possible to adjust the steering range in simucube with some API (which I know nothing about).

I’m willing to work on a rF2 plugin to do that.

Would that work?
If so, could somebody here provide some more info on how the API needs to be invoked?

Even if rF2 doesn’t expose the vehicle steering range, we could build a database of mods with related steering range.

Waiting for your feedback.

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There is a demo on the github page for setting the steering range.

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Great! Thanks, just what I was looking for.

@cs018823 did you manage to proceed with this?

I have just started working on it. Will post updates here.

@Mika I’m having some trouble compiling the source code with Visual Studio 2015. Does it need VS 2017?

The first error I’m getting is the following:

...\config_comm_defines.h(238): error C2065: 'packed': undeclared identifier

I’m not using QT, just taking an example rF2 plugin and trying to incorporate the sample code I was pointed to in the above posts.

That is a compiler dependent word that tries to make the struct packed, without extra data to make it 32bit aligned, for example.

Comment those lines and do something similar with the Microsoft compiler. You can pretty much rip all other things away from the header file; the API will be stable for the foreseeable future and is the same in 0.11 branch as well.


Got it, thanks.
Compiles alright now.

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