rFactor 2 and Simucube Ultimate

Hi peeps,

looking for some help on the best setup for rFactor2 and the Ultimate. Racing a bolted down setup on an M23 McLaren…


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Hey Jp,

I just started using these from Tech Daddy recently.

Turn down the force per car as you please after using that.
It’s great :+1:

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to the forum!

I saw your email to us asking this same thing. I would say the above linked instructions and json profiles are a good starting point. As you are a pro driver in real life, it might be that you would like somewhat dampened FFB experience compared to some sim-only drivers. You can increase the damping filter and go way down in the slew rate limit setting in Simucube 2 True Drive to get such experience.

Anyway, lets continue the discussion here.


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