Rfactor 2 and simucube 1 and directinput FRICTION

I have
A simucube 1 small mige with biss-c on 1.40.0

My understanding of the simucub software for a directinput parameter that is displayed through a pad

  1. if we don’t have a pad but a dash “-”, the effect is not managed by the game
  2. if we have a pad on a black background, the effect is managed by the game and active
  3. if we have a pad on a white background, the effect is managed by the game but inactive
    a pad changes from a black background to a white background as soon as the game has not used this effect after 30 seconds

I use “Steering resistance type” is set to 1 in the controller.json for the friction

For my tests, my simucube settings :
other filters :

  • damping : at 6
  • friction on off
  • inertia : at 4

directinput :
all parameters at 0 except

  • friction at 15%.

for the other simucube parameters, I have :
force at 60%.
reconstruction at 1
torque at unlimited
static force reduction on off

My comments
what surprises me is that this pad is on a white background while the FRICTION effect is still active.

I want to prove it by the test that I conducted by putting the friction in directinput at 70% and I drove for more than a minute and I clearly felt this 70% friction while the pad was on a white background while, according to my understanding, it should have remained on a black background.

@Mika, what is your opinion ?
A bug on directinput friction for rfactor 2 ?

It might just be that the game creates a friction effect but with static value, that is, it is not being updated when you are driving.