rF2 support (and later LMU?)

I am mainly using rF2.

Which functions are supported with rF2 for clutch, brake and throttle?

ABS, wheel slip, wheel lock…??

Later I may also use LMU (which is now only as an early access, I know)
Which function are supported at this stage now?

At the moment there is no official support as we are still developing the plugin. The plugin is included in the latest Tuner, and has to be copied to rF2 directory. Tuner won’t show the game activated but effects will work.

The same plugin works for LMU as well.

which effects are working?

all. But, LMU does not have cars that have ABS.

ok, most important for me are wheel lock and wheel sleep anyway.

Good to know they are working with rF2 and LMU!

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