Return to earlier Simucube fw

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Can you elaborate on what you are attempting to do? Go back to earlier Beta version or MMOS?

Mika, hi, I’d like to go back to mmos

Can you state the reason for this?

Going back to MMOS is explained here:

Many thanks.

The reason I am keen to revert to mmos is that it worked flawlessly. And I seem to lack the technical know how to make the beta firmware work for me.

A friend switched to the beta firmware and had running in minutes. My experience, for reasons not immediately apparent to me, was not as smooth, and I am now losing too much sleep trying to get the beta firmware to work with my configuration.

Getting things running with the new firmware should be much easier than with MMOS, which is very difficult to set up.

But just follow the instructions, if you want to go back. You will have to set up the MMOS from scratch.

You could also help us by saying what exactly was the problem with the new firmware in your case?

It took multiple attempts to install the firmware. And after I had done so I couldn’t get the ffb to work, and I had to a problem with notching.

I couldn’t make the ffb work.

I had some success eliminating the notching. I input the settings for granity as highlighted in postings in the iracing forum. They didn’t really help. But in iracing I was able to reduce and almost eliminate notching by increasing force to around 750nm (that’s not a typo) and reducing wheel turning scope to 450 degrees.

Then iracing stopped recognizing the wheel. Hence my desire to go back to mmos. I realize it’s a quirky application. But I never had any problems with it.

Hope my explanation is of some use.

Sounds like you either had Axis Invert in wrong position your Ioni config (it must be enabled), or you had wrong feedback device settings. Did you use some random drc file to set up the new firmware, or did you just use the default option (“my IONI drive works already”)?

Mika, one more question. How do I revert to an earlier version of the granity fw? My sim is up and running again. But not as smooth as it was. Trying to adjust settings in granity. But I can’t connect it to the wheel because the fw is too new. It’s running the latest version.

I searched for a solution to this in various forums. But no luck finding anything.

You will, in any case, have to update Granity to the latest version, just like the dialog tells you to do. Granity is available from here:
Then you can downgrade the IONI drive firmware.

There are no functional differences in IONI firmware in simulation application. If you absolutely want to downgrade (which is not recommended at all), please do not downgrade to any version earlier than 1104, as 1104 has important improvements to protect the braking resistor.