Restoring settings from previous TD installation

Hi all,

On my previous windows installation I was running TD 2020.10. Before reinstalling the OS I read that profile backups were contained in profiles_autobackup.ini, so I kept that file.

On my clean installation, what procedure do I need to follow to end up with a modern TD version with my old profiles accessible?

Thanks in advance!

install the same fw version, the profiles are are stored in the device memory in that version.

If you upgrade to 2021.11 or later, the profile store is in the True Drive Paddock cloud.

Thanks for the reply Mika.

So I install the same FW, and then what? Can I then upgrade FW?

You need to save/export the profiles (one by one maybe?) then upgrade the FW and import the profiles to the new TD. I can’t remember if you need to import them with 2021.9 version first…

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