Resonance Oscillation/Vibration with higher Damping/Friction values normal?

Hello, i got my (Simracingbay) SimuCube 2 weeks ago and of course I am playing around with different settings in the SimuCUBE Tool. I found out that the damping and vibration values ​​(Other Filters section) can cause oscillation / vibration even without turning the wheel.

Furthermore I was surprised that the (General) overall strength setting seems to have no influence on this certain behaviour or on the strenght of the “Other Filters” -section at all.

Oscillation starts at 9-10% for damping and for friction around 20%. I know these higher values ​​would normally never be used but I am concerned if everything is ok with my (small) Mige.

It is commonly known that filters go unstable with certain parameters. You are basicly applying impossibly large damping parameters which does that.

Thanks a lot for reply. I was just a little bit concerned because I didn’t expect values between 10-20% being already too high. I was also curious if it is normal that the general Overall Strenght has no influence on these filters.

Overall strength directly adjusts the motor current and it will have a linear influence on all torque being produced, including those torque effects that the effects produce. This is by design.

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It is better not to raise that high the values at other filters = ioni filters. If you want to try them keep the values low , meaning 0.5 to 3.0 % . When you try something new it can be a bit difficult to find settings but since your setup is pretty common you can just ask settings for the game you play and get a good starting point.

Think of it sort of as the filters on the IONI are there to control the base servo regardless of the Input from game or otherwise… Granted we go up and down on them a bit to get a certain end feel with regard to feedback… This being said it is pretty obvious that some filter tuning is going to be needed just to control the way the servo reacts so using Zero Filtering would tend to produce the worst case scenario feedback as you are letting the servo run as it will without any control, granted there could be a servo out there that would translate perfectly but no one has found it or it hasn’t been designed. When using a lot of filters you start counter the servos natural parameters which will cause the instabilities since the servo is resisting what the Drive wants it to do… So there is of course a range of acceptable values but that can change depending on other filtering AND the Servo Type/Brand being used i.e. some servos could use 10-20% filtering where others cannot.

The Other filters are completely different than the IONI filters in that those are game controlled so they are only applicable when running a game that uses them. So in a base setup they won’t do anything.