Resonance coming from wheel when connected to SC2 Pro

Hi Guys

Needing some help please , getting a harmonic buzzing noise when my wheel is connected to the wheelbase. It only starts when I put the locking pin in, Neither the wheel or wheelbase buzzes when separated but as soon as locked together with the locking pin the buzzing starts. If I hold the wheel tight it stops. I have checked all the screws on the wheel side QR & everything is tight

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


Do you notice any difference when the resonance reduction option within TD is checked/unchecked?

Sometimes this can happen if the wheel is not rigid enough, and the tightly tuned torque controller starts to react to delayed motions caused by the wheel. It becomes a rotational spring-mass system that has a natural resonance frequency, thus buzzing sound begins.

You can enable High Torque Mode, that should stop the buzzing.

You can also try to have the resonance reduction checkbox checked in the hardware settings. We added that to remove some possibilities of the buzzing happening.

Third option is to download a audio frequency analyzer app to your phone and see what frequency the worst noise is at, and then to your Simucube profile, put in that frequency in the Peaking&Notch filter settings. Typically the buzzing sound has been seen at around 200 Hz or 400 Hz, but it will be dependent on the wheel you have.

I also saw the support ticket about this issue, lets continue here.

no difference at all

there is more buzzing in high torque mode than when its turned off

Mika I have a brand new Ascher racing wheel, dont think wheel rigidity is the issue here

the buzzing is more noticeable when the wheel is not moving

buzzing measured 314htz, added that to peaking & notch filter & made no difference

Can you show some pictures on how your Simucube is installed? Might it be that the installation is not rigid enough?

Hi Mika its mounted on a carbon steel wheel deck, no problem with rigidity

still awaiting a resolution on this

We are working on a firmware update that will fix this.

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