[RESOLVED] Any US SC2 Owners Online? US Power Plug/Adapter Question

Hi Everyone - I just rec’d a new SC2 Ultimate today in Scottsdale, Az from Sim Racing Bay. I recall some folks mentioned that on some US deliveries, the PS power cord was a Euro configuration, and they rec’d NO adapter for US 110V Outlets.

I thought this issue was resolved, and suppliers were including such a plug? Did US SC2 buyers receive such an adapter? I will contact Sim Racing Bay to ask, but at this time, I’m sure it’s well after hours for them. My Ultimate is obviously useless unless I can adapt the Euro 110V plug config to US config with an adapter.


PS - I know I can use a spare US PC 120V power cord… I probably have one laying around from an old PC, but I still thought something was included with the Simucube shipment. Again, thanks.

My SC2 Pro from Sim Racing Bay came with the proper US power adapters. Looks like they just made a mistake with yours. Like you said, any basic PC / monitor power adapter should work.

I got one from SRB also and it did not have a US plug. It was not a big deal to me because i still had the cables left over from some failed power supplies / old monitor/ printers etc. Mines was an earlier shipment in the first batch and it was an oversight then and likely same oops now.

There is no adapter to change that euro plug into a US one even when the shipment is complete. Tomo was just adding the same US plug you have lying around.

Thanks for the feedback John and chillil… I emailed Tomo at SRB, so I’ll post what he says. I found one old cord I can use, and it appears to basically be the same gauge as the EU cord supplied. However, I’m not familiar with the EU plug. SO IF it’s at or over 200VAC, that would mean current going through the EU cord is much lower than if I use a standard 120V US outlet (for the same power usage). So I would need a larger gauge of cord to handle the extra current that the US cord will be using compared to the EU cord. If the EU config. and spec is closer to the 120V used from the US, gauge should be Ok. I’ll be installing the SC2 this weekend, and will be watching the power cord temps. I’ll post an update on how it goes.

I heard back from Tomo at SRBay, and he says their mistake that they didn’t include the right cable, so he’ll send me one Monday morning.

In the mean time, I found that although plug configurations vary from place to place in Europe, they’re all 230V. That means in the US, most will be using 120VAC, 15 amp outlets. And power cord currents (and so cord heating) will be around twice as much as for EU cords. Not sure what Simucube normally provides, but I ordered my own cable in the mean time. I bought a 14gauge/3 conductor cord with C13 that fits Simucube power supply on one end, and 5/15p 3prong on other end. 14/3 is rated for 15 amps. Routine sizes for many that I have on various eqpt. is 18/3. If you use high consistent levels of FFB with your SC2, and you’re using your own cord, you may want to check how hot your power cord is getting after heavy use, just to make sure.

I’ll report on what I receive from Tomo when I have it.


Any 15amp standard power cord will work. Nothing specific

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I understand Tomo wants to make it right but with the shipping across the pond the standard power cord you can get for $5 from local electronic store or online is gotta be golden. Add waiting time you could use playing with your new toy instead.

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Yes, you’re completely correct that any cable rated for 15amps will work… since that’s what the breaker for US interior outlets are mostly rated. Unfortunately, I’ve checked several different 18/3 cords for PCs like this that are only rated for 10amps. But 10amps with a 120V outlet gets you 1200Watts. Luckily, for the Simucube Ultimate PS, it’s rated at 1000W, so you’re correct that just about any 18/3 cable should be fine also. Especially since we all know the SC2 will not be running at peak power all the time, just on curves.

I made a mistake when I first opened this thread, because I was thinking I had read that the Ultimate PS was rated at around 1300W or more. I’ve since checked and I see it’s actually just 1000W, so you’re correct, based on that info.

Thanks for your concern with my fun level! :slight_smile: I actually didn’t have as much time over the weekend as I hoped, after receiving the Ultimate. So I still don’t have it mounted, but hope to have it mostly set up today. I didn’t recall, but was thinking that the final SC2 solution for US buyers was an EU to US plug adapter for the EU cable. I realized that I could use my own cord, and I did find an extra 18/3 power cable I could use. But I wanted whatever was standard with the SC2. Since SC said they had a solution, and I paid over $3000US with shipping, etc. for the Ultimate, I didn’t think asking about it would be an issue.

PS - Wish I had heard from you with fun tips when I was waiting 5 months for Ultimates to actually be in open stock for purchase! Actually, I’ve learned in all my years to be very patient with many things. :slight_smile: Take Care.

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I got euro. I had a bunch of extra US cords lying around and they worked perfectly.

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my 2 US Spec power cables were there top and center when I opened the box from SRB yesterday …

The only let down was DHL delivering after 6 PM EST :roll_eyes:

I routinely cut the supplied plugs off for flatter 90 deg ones, they fit better in my mutiplug setup.

Hi all- thanks for feedback. As mentioned above… any 18/3 or larger power cord that’s rated for at least 10 amps should be fine with the Ultimate PS, which is rated at 1000W, per the sticker on the back of mine.

I rec’d a US cord from Tomo yesterday, and he was kind enough to not only send it via express shipping, but also included a Fanatec steering wheel adapter as a “gift”! I thought it might be a mistake, but he said it was intentional! Certainly I’m thankful and satisfied with the support and service from Tomo and Sim Racing Bay! I’m now marking this post/thread as [Resolved]