Request - Advanced index homing search for IONI

Hi. The homing feature in IONI drives is very good, but even better, would be a mode where instead of only searching in one direction, if it would search in both directions until it finds the nearest index position.

At present it is necessary to always make sure to prepare the axis positioned just before the index and on a particular side, or else it could home almost a full revolution away from the desired home.

With a two way search it would mean you just position the motor near the index. It would then make short and gradually increasing searches in either direction.

Might not seem much to some, but I would find it a very nice improvement…

Hi Gerald

Thanks for the idea, we’ll consider it.

If you need very precise homing I suggest you use hard homing to a mechanical stop after which you’ll search for the index pulse of the encoder. This gives extremely accurate and repeatable homing.

Kind regards, Esa

Thanks for considering the faster search option.

This is for portable equipment and the index search already give sufficient accuracy.

Mechanical homing with limit switches is not a good option. The axis is for rotation and has no natural limit position. Searching for limits would be slower, and there are already too many wires and potential things to go wrong!