Replicate MMos + irFFB settings with SimuCube Config Tool

Hi, I’ve been using the original SimuCube setup as I received it from Tomo, using MMos and irFFB to give the wheel the feel I like. I’ve recently upgraded to Firmware Version “Beta 0812” and I’m trying to replicate the feel I had using the SimuCube Configuration Tool. Essentially, I’m trying to get rid of MMos and irFFB :slight_smile:

I’ve attached an image of the settings i had previously in MMos and irFFB, but I’m struggling to know what levels to set in the SimuCube Confiruation Tool to get close to that feel. I’ve tried some settings posted up by other users, but i’m just not getting the feel I’m used to.

Any advice gratefully received!


You should set up the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool to have 100% Strength, if you had the maximum nominal motor amperage (MMC) in Granity.

We always found that the overall filter in MMOS was not very good, it adds huge amount of lag (for our standards) and thus is not by any means a realistic. We might implement a similar overall filter sometime, or the upcoming open source effort might want to do something like that.

I do not know about irFFB settings. I do not think one would want to change those.

Thanks Mika. I guess this is where I maybe a little confused!! I was under the impression that updating the firmware and using the Configuration Tool would “replace” both MMos and irFFB. Is this not correct? Should I remove MMos but still use irFFB? Hoping those questions make sense!


It will replace MMOS completely.

However, there are fundamental differences:

IRFFB is a tool that reads iRacing’s 360Hz telemetry, which is always 1/60s late, but includes 360 Hz data. Using it will smooth out the feedback.

SimuCUBE’s Reconstruction Filter takes the iRacing’s 60Hz on-time FFB data and smoothens it to 2500 Hz at the IONI servo drive.

irffb and simucube firmwares work fine here. so there is no problem with that.
irffb 360hz still feels a lot smoother and much more detailed. than any rcon filter setting.
the only downside of irffb is the added lag.

And if you want to get rcon as smooth as irffb you would need such a high settings which will add lag too, and still have a less detailed ffb.

irffb is pretty amaizing in ffb, and if it doesn’t feel amaizing smooth and detailed, there is probably a bug / problem going on. since irffb doesnt work correctly on all pc’s because i have had feedback from other drivers, who didn’t notice these improvements at all.

But here it always has worked well comming from a csw v1 going to a osw simucube with mmos and now simucube firmware. it always worked fine here, but still i use the lower latancy ingame ffb.

And i would advice to try to get used to that. And bug the staff on the iracing forums to update the ffb rate for real.

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You should be able to use irFFB in conjunction with the Recon filter if you choose as it is adaptive to input Hz so it can reconstruct the 360Hz signal as well up to the 2500Hz IONI rate… Difference is the signal coming into the SimuCUBE will be at a higher rate and should be smoother or more precise…

For information sake the recon filter design for the 60Hz iracing signal is #5 though some find that it is too smooth… There is little lag at that level on the recon filter… 8, 9, and 10 have an apparent lag to them but I have even found 7 to not FEEL delayed on the recon…

That being said when I was running MMOS with irFFB with the 360Hz output I didn’t find a noticeable lag either.